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Contingency plan, remote deployments, extended capacity and changes in the infrastructure. It´s now time to plan for a built-in resiliency into your business. Long-lasting resiliency and agility to continue adapting your organization to the new customer, new employee and new rules.

Microsoft  and Altitude Software have both been implementing many scenarios these last two months. They joined their expertise to share with you their vision, experience and best practices, and bring you some blueprints of short- and medium-term actions for your Contact Center and Customer Service operations.




Contingency and Back to Business

May 13, 2020 — 3:30 PM CEST / 9:30 AM EDT — Duration: 30min
First weeks of the COVID-19 crisis were fast. Most of the companies in the Contact Center industry were not fully ready to deal with a sudden need of 100% remote working and at the same time cope with the increased volume of interactions. ​

And how to get prepared for the deconfinement day? What do you have to be ready for?​

Learn from Microsoft and Altitude Software accumulated experience from the projects they have been implementing for their customers. ​

Guest Speakers

Teresa Virgínia

Teresa Virgínia, Modern Workplace Business Group Lead at Microsoft Portugal

dino forte

Dino Forte, CEO at Ventrica

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Reimagining the future
May 20, 2020 --- 3:30 PM CEST / 9:30 AM EDT --- Duration: 30 min
This crisis changed everything. It changed people. And these changes have a profound impact on all businesses. We understand that everything will be more remote and digital. But what do these changes mean for different sectors?

Learn how you need to change your business to get adapted to this new post-COVID customer, what new products and services will you need to create and how technology can help you in this rebound stage.​

Guest Speakers

Andrea Rubei

Andrea Rubei, COO at Microsoft Portugal | High-tech Global Executive

Paulo Rego

Paulo Rego, Head of Product and Pre-Sales B2B, Altice Portugal

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 new “Black swans

June 5, 2020 --- 3:30 PM CEST / 9:30 AM EDT --- Duration: 30 min
Look beyond contingency. COVID-19 is expected to bring new crisis, and there are other potential sources of threat that require a whole new level of preparedness – a true long-lasting resilience and agility to react fast in face of different “Black swans”. Is your business prepared for these? Can it be prepared?

Join this webinar to get some answers and practical recommendations.

Guest Speakers

Bojan Magusic

Bojan Magusic, Cloud Solution Architect - Security & Compliance at Microsft


Miguel Noronha, Executive Vice President Portugal, North America, United Kingdom & Global Accounts at Altitude Software

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Key Information

This webinar series will cover all stages of this crisis: contingency plan implementation, preparing for deconfinement day, reinventing to adapt to the new reality and anticipating any posible future crises. Right technology partner can be your best ally on this road sorting out incertainties and converting your business into a resilient and agile one – to keep providing the best Service to your customers,
no matter what their new demands are.