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The New Normal

Altitude Software has been working closely with our customers during the COVID -19 crisis

Together we’ve been able to quickly address all challenges and make a swift and seamless transition to meet all needs.

Now, as we slowly start deconfinement and prepare the come back to business adapting the new normal, Altitude will keep working to ensure business continuity for our customers.

Altitude Software is here to help!

Our solutions ensure transition to the new normal quickly and cost-effectively.

Remote Work

Enable agents to work from anywhere using the same methods, processes, and applications as if they were working at the contact center. The only thing that changed is the physical space, everything else remains the same. Agents just press a button and connect to the same, familiar application.

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Interaction volume

The number of interactions skyrocketed since early March, and this tendency will continue after deconfinement. As we slowly try to achieve normalcy, customers will still expect, and deserve, the best service. Consider automation, among others, to ensure that the technology scales to meet needs.

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There are no cons in what concerns this decision. A cloud contact center was already the best option before COVID 19 crisis, right now we believe it’s the best option for any business. It’s the right decision to make in terms of financial, workforce, emergency, and customer service points of view.

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