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Get Ready for the Future of Customer Management Outsourcing


According to Gartner, the growing acceleration of digital, automation and analytics services is rapidly changing the fabric of business process services and outsourcing. By 2020, these realities will account for 45% of customer management outsourcers revenues.

On the other hand, voice-based interactions will plateau just under 55% of revenues. And although complexity will increase cost per call by 12% to 15%, overall margins will improve by 5% to 10%. Business process service leaders must capitalize on this change and take advantage of opportunities. Get our complimentary Gartner report “Predicts 2017: The Future State of Business Process Services and Outsourcing” here.


Why Six of the Top 12 Customer Management Outsourcing Companies Trust Altitude


Customer Management outsourcers are the most demanding users of contact center solutions. They need to provide customer care, telemarketing, debt collection or any other business application to companies from all industries, whether it is media, retail or banking.

Six of the top 12 customer management outsourcing companies are Altitude customers. Altitude has the vertical solutions and expertise, quality of delivery and strong relationships that drive your growth and margins. Learn why leading names like Teleperformance; Sitel, Transcom or Atento trust our solutions and services.


Five Steps to Set Up a Contact Center


Nowadays, cloud-based technology and subscription models allow small to medium sized businesses to benefit from truly advanced solutions to better manage customer relationships. Companies can operate contact centers with next to no infrastructure, that are simple to set-up, easy to operate, secure and highly-scalable, with competitive and very flexible costs. Download our ebook with the five steps to setup a contact center.


The Digital Transformation of Debt Collection


Altitude recently promoted an event in Madrid on the new challenges arising for debt collection activities in the UE in face of digital transformation, new EU-wide regulation and changing social mores and consumer behaviors. Altitude customers Verifica and Intrum Justitia, and partner Plusnet shared experiences. The event was organized with AEERC, Angeco and Relacion Cliente Magazine. Read more here (in Spanish) or learn more on our debt collection dedicated solutions.


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