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Intelligent Outbound is Key to Achieve Sustainable Business Growth


In markets worldwide, companies need to become more efficient and more successful in their contacts and communications in sales, marketing and customer service. The ability to intelligently engage customers by delivering the right message, at the right time, using the right channel, and the right agent is becoming a critical competitive advantage.

Altitude’s new guide – “Don’t Unplug Your Phone Yet!: How to Turn Outbound Calls into Valuable Tools to Engage with your Customers” - focuses on outgoing calls and on how to design the best outbound strategy by closely analyzing contact lists and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology. It explains how to include big data and machine learning in your contact center operations.

It also explores the case of Europa Group. This insurance services provider in the UK decided to improve its capacity to follow-up leads by phone and to maximize sales, while unifying telesales operations for all their products and services. Using the Altitude Strategy Center solution it created business segments, extensive filters, automatic time schedules and others to maximize each contact list to its fullest.


Achieve Real-Time Strategic Control of Outbound Campaigns


The new Altitude Strategy Center has state-of the-art features for the real-time strategic control of outbound campaigns, maximizing success rates and improving customer experience.

It helps contact center management choose the right contacts to dial at the right time. Contact lists can be used in multiple campaigns and can be segmented using a multitude of parameters from each contact profile and history. This segmentation allows the contact center to prioritize the most relevant and most likely to succeed contacts for each specific campaign. Dialing can be controlled and managed using KPI’s, priorities, filters, agent skills, etc. Real-time campaign performance monitoring allows for fast adjustment and enhancement of campaign strategy.

You can click here to learn more about the latest Altitude Strategy Center solution.

Case Study
Konecta Case Study

Konecta Optimizes Outbound Campaigns with Altitude Solutions


Since 1999, Konecta offers customized contact center and outsourcing solutions. A global provider with over 20,000 employees and 400 clients in 10 countries, Konecta is in Brazil since 2013, employing 2100 people to provide innovative solutions with cost effective price models.

Konecta needed a powerful solution that would provide functionality from the IP switch to call recording, to a powerful dialer optimized for debt collection campaigns. After some research on solutions in use elsewhere in the company, Konecta Brazil chose the Altitude uCI customer interaction management suite – with all the necessary functionality to efficiently pursue debt collection.

In less than two months Altitude implemented the solution, fully automating the operations, helping optimize the use of existing resources, and achieving higher business performance. Nowadays, about 300 agent positions make around 2 million calls a day, with great success rates and improved agent satisfaction. “Besides having greatly increased the number of outbound calls, we also managed to make the process much more intelligent, and our debt collection activity became much more efficient” remarked Mr. Rogério Queiroz, Operations Manager at Konecta Brazil. Learn more here.

Fortius Awards

Recognition for the Best Contact Center Professionals in Spain


Now in its eighth edition, the Fortius Awards, organized by Altitude Software and AEERC (Spanish Customer Relations Experts Association), have been providing recognition for the best professionals (agents, supervisors, management, etc), in an industry that employs more than 150.000 people in Spain. Hundreds of applications are received each year to be analyzed by an industry jury. These year the awards were won by professionals from Unisono, Transcom, Securitas Direct, Liberty Seguros and Atento. Learn more here.

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